Trail Dust Farms - English Cocker Spaniels

Trail Dust Farms Kennel


Trail Dust Farms main kennel is located adjacent to our home in Boligee, Alabama. This region is commonly known as the Blackbelt and is noted for its' rich soil, big hardwood river bottoms and abundance of wild game.  Our cockers are socialized extensively to people, other dogs, cows, horses, and wildlife. It is our belief that this makes each dog a much more rounded individual. We find that the more exposure Cockers get the better they accept and conquer new challenges.  

Our kennels are all concrete runs with both open air and covered areas with individual dog houses in each one. There is a covered open run area that is the length of all the kennels. Where our cockers enjoy their afternoon happy hour each day. They are all let out to run and play while we clean up and feed. They return to their individual runs for dinner and a good nights rest.

Daily exercise consists of a group run with the golf cart around the lake and back. Individual work includes a daily walk on lead with multiple commands and retrieves. A good workout warrants a trip inside the house for a treat and a little extra petting for a job well done.