Trail Dust Farms - English Cocker Spaniels
Orvis Endorsed Dog Breeder

Orvis Endorsed Dog Breeder Program

Trail Dust Farms is proud to be one of the very few breeders of English Cocker Spaniels to be chosen as part of the Orvis Dog Breeder program. As Orvis states on their website:

"We set very high criteria to find the best of the best bird dog breeders, true professionals, acutely mindful of the drastic genetic variation in a breed, and who breed for certain characteristics over many generations. We’ve picked the best and the most reliable of these breeders. Each breeder agreed to uphold our customer-first approach: They guarantee your satisfaction with their dogs. Whether you want your dog strictly for hunting or for a good companion at home, you will find the breeder right for you."

The "Merry Cockers" hail from Europe and are known for their happy demeanor and explosive field performance. These compact flushers and retrievers are gamey in the field and relish the opportunity to retrieve your waterfowl.  We have carefully selected our stock from the best foundation pedigrees in the breed. English Cockers average 26-34 pounds  offering a lot of hunt  in a small package.  If you desire a field bred hunting companion  and a devoted family friend…you have found it!

With the endorsement from Orvis, and our own personal commitment to excellence you can be sure of the quality of our dogs. Please call us for availability and upcoming litters.